Creating a human and time-appropriate environment

“Būvdizains” associates architects with a desire to create a human and time-appropriate environment.

An individual assessment of each project offers the most appropriate solutions that respect the environmental and societal needs according to the customer's expectations and financial capabilities. The company's long-term professional experience ensures an opportunity to offer proven solutions as well as the best and most reliable innovations. This leads to an ability to fulfil customer's dreams by creating high-quality projects.

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Architecture creates environment

We use architecture as an artistic and scientific instrument that combines over 20 design areas, creating the best quality solutions that complement the environment and meet the needs of the user in the best way possible.

The key values within company management are honesty, purpose and precision. These are the framework conditions for efficient team work and high-quality results.

Normunds Pavārs

SIA "BŪVDIZAINS", member of the board

Why "Būvdizains"?

Our services complement each other perfectly, so we are able to help the customer on several issues at the same time. The long-term experience and competence of our team has allowed the company to move forward as one of the most prospective architectural companies in Latvia.

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Choosing to work with "Būvdizains" will provide you with a trusted partner to realise any project quickly and in high quality. You will also get to know great people - trustworthy professionals in the area of their expertise.

Our architects understand the modern environment and the man living in this environment. The best professionals of the industry  from our company are not afraid of your ambitions: they will be the right partners to turn any ideas into a real project.

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